Lego Duplo 30 Days of Play Challenge!

Mom Central Canada has many campaigns for bloggers to participate in throughout the year.  I’m a member of several ambassador programs through Mom Central, and though the perks are great, what makes me enjoy working with Mom Central is the women behind the company – who pull together some amazing programs with brands moms across Canada love (and love to learn more about!)

When I got an email sharing the latest program from Mom Central Canada, a partnership with LEGO® DUPLO®, I was so excited!  In the world of preschoolers, there are not many brands that resonate more with them than Lego Duplo.  I was chosen among a group of 20 mom bloggers here in Canada to share this exciting new program – a partnership between Mom Central, LEGO® DUPLO® and Today’s Parent.

LEGO® DUPLO® has partnered with Today’s Parent for one of their largest and most exciting campaigns ever. Each day, from February 27th through April 10th, LEGO® DUPLO® will be sharing one new way to play. Canadian moms can check the Today’s Parent website each weekday to see a new “play challenge” they can tackle with their little ones. Moms will also be able to submit their own “play challenge” for the chance to win a trip for four to LEGOLAND® Parks (Florida or California) and have their play idea featured in the calendar!

As part of this campaign, the 20 mom bloggers chosen will be participating daily and sharing how they tackled a new play challenge that day via their blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+ (yes those links are to my accounts, are you following me?!)

While I may not hit all 30 days, my goal (and the goal of the mom bloggers in the program) is to tackle 20 of the 30 challenges between today and April 10th!

A big challenge indeed but when I heard about it, I told my husband that this was the perfect way to give my 4 year old, Nevaeh, and I some dedicated time together each day.  The days go by so quick – sometimes a day goes by and I feel mommy-guilt because we didn’t get to read that book I had promised her the night before – you know how it is.  Now, because of this program, I can focus on giving her some one on one time each day to play with the awesome LEGO® DUPLO® toys we received as part of this program.

To kick off this campaign, Mom Central Canada is hosting a Twitter party tonight, Monday February 27th at 8:30pm EST!  There’s going to be tons of prizes available to be won during the party (check out the rules and regs here for info) and Mom Central Canada will be talking about the 30 Days of Play Challenge!  I’ll be there, will you?  Make sure you are following @MC_Canada on Twitter and follow the hashtag #LegoDuplo.

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  1. Josee Parent says:

    My boys still play with the DUPLO (12 & 16). They use them to build bigger structures for the little bricks. I don’t think I will ever get rid of them. My nieces and nephew play with them when they come home and hopefully my gran-children one day. :)

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