Lego Birthday Party Ideas

Last year, for my son’s birthday, I only got so far as creating Lego themed invitations. This year, I’m looking to these sites images for inspiration! Click on each image to be taken to the site for more info!

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  2. I love all of these ideas! I never thought about making a sign out of Legos (like that number 8)!

  3. I also saw some DIY favors on pinterest. Take baby food jars, paint them yellow and then paint little faces on them, like the little lego heads! Fill them with legos or candy or whatever you wish. I thought they were so cute.

  4. LOVE it, thanks!

  5. Those are all very cute ideas.

  6. Josee Parent says:

    That last cake with the Lego characters is a lot of work but really cute.

  7. Love these! So colorful and happy – can’t wait for my little man to be old enough for an awesome party like this.

  8. Cute ideas!

  9. Thanks for providing these great logo baking ideas…I’ll be passing them along to my daughter for my grandson!

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