TASSIMO T46 Home Brewing System

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I have a very un-frugal confession to make.  Up until recently, I buy a cuppa joe every morning from a drive through.  Yup, despite the fact that I own more than one coffee maker, I haven’t had one on my kitchen counter for well over a year now.  I have very limited counter space (mental note for the next house we purchase in a few years!) and I just found it easier to stop by one of my favorite coffee places than to keep another appliance on my counter.

It’s a new year and we’re all trying to do things to better ourselves.  I know how un-frugal that daily coffee purchase is (x2 with my husband) and when I was asked if I wanted to try the new TASSIMO T46 Home Brewing System I thought this was as good a time as any to make the switch to a home brew (heh.)

My new TASSIMO arrived with 2 beverages as well – Nabob Cappuccino and Carte Noire Signature Roast .  Not being a fan of strong coffee, I ventured out to check what was available locally and found Nabob French Vanilla Flavored Coffee.

My husband really likes the Nabob Cappuccino – which takes an extra step to make as you need two T-Discs to do it – and I like the Nabob French Vanilla Coffee.

I’d really like the try the new Cadbury Hot Chocolate for Tassimo but can’t find it locally.  You can order T-Discs online but then of course there’s always shipping added into the equation.

Using the TASSIMO T46 Home Brewing System is easy.  Set up takes a few minutes because you need to run water through it a few times to ensure it’s clean and ready for use.

The unique feature of TASSIMO Home Brewers that it’s competitors don’t have is Barcode Technology.  The TASSIMO Home Brewer then carefully selects the brew temperature, water volume and brew time.

It’s a learning process when you first start using the TASSIMO – if you select a cup that’s too small it’s going to run over!  The TASSIMO boxes actually state which size cup you should use, so you need to pay attention.  Additionally, when I brew my coffee I have to remove the cup holder each time to fit my cup in, and then end up with a lot of coffee “splatter” as it’s dispensing.

We’ve been using our new TASSIMO every day since we got it, and as you can see it actually looks pretty good on my counter (that spot typically was a catch-all place so maybe I can spare the counter space there.)

We’ve definitely cut down on our take-out coffee purchases because of the TASSIMO.  Will it replace my beloved double-double take out?  Not likely as, in terms of taste, I still prefer the other.  Still, on days when it’s -30 like this week, I sure enjoy staying indoors with a hot cup of coffee instead of venturing out for one.  I think the TASSIMO can stay. ;)

I have an additional TASSIMO T46 Home Brewing System set aside for one of my Canadian readers!  To enter to win, just leave me a comment here sharing your coffee preference – are you unfrugal like me with a drive-thru habit or do you prefer making your coffee at home?

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This giveaway will end on February 14th at 9PM CT . Giveaway is open to Canadian addresses only.


  1. We do both. We love our Starbucks but would definitely make our coffee at home if we had a great coffee maker like this :)

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  6. I prefer to make my coffee at home but I like to go to Tim Hortons every now and again.

  7. Adriana Fitzgerald says:

    I prefer going to get my French Vanilla from Tim Horton’s. I have bought the mix but it just doesn’t taste the same making it at home. Maybe I need a fancy machine :)

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  9. My favourite coffee is a Timmy’s double double, but my husband and I have wanted to get a Tassimo for so long. This would be awesome to win! :)

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  12. I pretty much always make my coffee at home, but being the only one who drinks it, its always instant :(!
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  15. Jen green says:

    Love love love coffee!!!! Make it at home as I’m in a rural town (no drive ins available) but would love to try the French vanilla coffee!!!!

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  19. We do both in our home – go out and make it. However my husband makes coffee every morning before work and wishes that he had a coffee maker that made 1 cup only to avoid wasting (hard to make 1 cup in a traditional maker).

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  21. Hey. I always preferred going to the drive-thru. I’m so lazy when it comes to making coffee at home, and it never really turns out that good.

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    I would prefer to make hot chocolate too! Cheers and good luck to everyone!

  24. I live in a small town and our only drive thru coffee option is McD’s and the line is usually too long to bother with so I tend to have my coffee at home. I usually hit up Starbucks for a latte though the once or twice a month I’m in the city!

  25. We do absolutely both! I’m a Timmy’s girl at heart so it’s Timmy for me!

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  28. I love coffee and i prefer making my own coffee at home, This would be an amazing gift for my dad’s 55th birthday (Huge Coffee Addict) https://twitter.com/#!/savyferns/status/159302449654534144 tweeted it here

  29. Tania Martin says:

    Much prefer to make it at home. I can make it exactly how I like it and its cheaper too :)

  30. Crissy Or says:

    I drink decaf a couple times a week, Starbucks being my favorite.. wouldnt mind being able to make myself a single cup on my own though :)

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  36. Catharine M says:

    I prefer to make my coffee at home. I know what I like.

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    Thanks for the chance to win one of these babies!!!

  39. Used to be an out coffee person much more often – I’ve recently got it down to 2 out per week… all the rest I have at home

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  44. Louise Gilbert says:

    I make my coffee at home but I like to go to Tim Hortons for a treat:)

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  46. I left a blog post comment on your Disney Mexican riviera cruise..what a wonderful vacation you had.

  47. I have the bad habit of going to Timmies but want to get out of that habit and save money at home.

  48. Louise Gilbert says:

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  49. I love treating myself a little but most of the time it’s good old instant!

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  52. Debbie Starkey says:

    I make coffee at home daily but treat myself on the weekends!

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  60. I am definitely frugal…I love having a home-brewed coffee at home! (I use a Black & Decker One Cup Thermal Coffee Maker – which already is an upgrade to what I had before)! My morning coffee is the most precious me-time and a great way to start the day! When I do go out for coffee, it’s definitely a treat!

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  61. Audrey Peachey says:

    We do both. I have an old style percolator and Tim Horton’s is right around the corner :) I have never tried one of these new fandangled machines. They look quick and easy which is right up my alley since I am starting back to work from mat leave with my 3rd son. Mornings will be super busy and I NEED coffee!

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  63. Most of the time I’m too busy to brew my own in the morning – so I resort to a drive-thru or a Timmies here at work. On weekends and evenings, though, I prefer to make my own – mostly because I can drink more without going broke! I would love to win this!!

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  65. Wendy Heagney-Bakewell says:

    I’m a coffee lover who brews at home but definitely enjoys a coffee shop latte or cappuccino as a treat!
    Every day I look forward to my afternoon coffee (break) the most – whether my busy 11 mo old son has a nap or in most cases, not!! A tassimo latte instead of my home brew would be a welcome addition to my coffee cup!

  66. Janelle M. says:

    I have a terrible drive thru habit. I have one of those cheap basic coffeemakers but I can not make coffee I like in that thing to save my life! Maybe this Tassimo would cure me of the bad coffee/full wallet or good coffee/empty wallet curse!

  67. Janet Kong says:

    I don’t drink coffee, but hubby does and he prefers to have it at home. Usually just plain old coffee nothing fancy but this will stir things up!

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  71. angela jonat says:

    I do a even mix of both made at home and drive thru.

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  76. I have saved a lot of money making my coffee from home. Cappucinos made in the Tassimo are absolutely yummy.

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  78. I’m mostly frugal, but sometimes I do go to the drive through for a treat!

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  81. Small Town Mommy says:

    I make coffee at home :)

  82. Casey Bell says:

    To be honest – I’m both! lol I make a pot of coffee every morning for at home and my drive in, then when I arrive at work, I proceed to buy more coffee. Can’t LIVE without my caffeine. My husband and I spend a LOT of money on this bad habit but it just makes us so happy!

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  88. mostly we brew our own but have an occaional timmies :)

  89. I make alot of my coffee at home but my husband usually buys his

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  96. My husband is a Starbucks latte guy. I prefer to sip my coffee at home….right now it is decaf as I am BF a LO.

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  98. I am a Tim Hortons junkie, with minimum 4 cups a day.

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  102. I don’t drink coffee, but I’m addicted to hot chocolate.

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  104. I make my coffee at home.

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  106. Deana Johnson says:

    I take a triple triple, it’s gotta be sweet… like me ;)

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  109. Lori Stobbart says:

    I’m actually both,LOL. I’m a BIG coffee drinker and make a pot each morning (I work from home) but when I’m out I love to treat myself to drive thru coffee:)

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    i do both work days stop at tims and weekends make it at home

  114. I’m a coffee adict. I drink both homemade and store bought coffees. I enjoy trying different flavors and brands on occasion too.

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  120. blessedta says:

    I normally buy from Tim Hortons.

  121. Love Americanos when out

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  124. I am more of a tea drinker and prefer to prepare my herbal teas at home.

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  128. I’m a coffee shop kind of girl but I think a TASSIMO could convert me!

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  135. I actually prefer tea and I usually drink it at home,but I will grab a tea from a drive-thru also.

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  138. I like making my coffee at home that way I know it’s going to be exactly the way I want it.

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    I like making my own coffee at as that way I can make it to my own preference

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  145. Nicole Smith says:

    I have a Tassimo T20 I love mine! I work at the Canadian Tire in Windsor on Walker Road. We stock more varieties then another retail store that I know of! I love the Cadbury hot chocolate but my favourite is Chai tea Latte. That is whole reason I bought it! If you don’t like strong coffee try the Maxwell House it is very good. So go to your local CTC and see if they have the flavours you like!

    • Tenille ~ Feisty Frugal & Fabulous says:

      Hey thanks for the heads up, I wouldn’t have thought to look at Canadian Tire for Tassimo discs!

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  148. Claude Campeau says:

    For regular coffee, I make it at home. But I always get my lattes at Starbucks!

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  150. I like coffee any way I can get it! LOL :D

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  154. Home brewer all the way. Like to experiment and make new coffee concoctions.

  155. i’m a make at home type for sure.

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  157. I make my coffee at home, i get up around 530 and there is no way im leaving the house to get coffee at that time.
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  160. I have wanted a Tassimo for sooo long! I love to grab a coffee when I am out as I’m not the best coffee maker…one of these would help me make it just right every time!

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  162. I make mine at home and put it in one of those insulated Costco mugs that actually do keep stuff hot for 4 hours.

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  179. loved your blog on your Disney Wonder Cruise….brought back great memories of my Disney Magic cruise two years ago, sigh would love to be back there.

  180. Louise M. says:

    I love brewing coffee at home , love the aroma of coffee thru the house

  181. Louise M. says:

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  182. Rachel Moir says:

    I would have 1 Tim’s a day for years but as of December 1 make my own coffee now.

  183. Disney Wonder Cruise review — nice review and pics :o)

  184. I prefer to make my coffee at home.

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  187. Coffee habits – a little of each – we make some at home in the morning, but I do hit my Starbucks for a brewed coffee (not the fancy ones) every day at break.

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  191. gibberish says:

    I’m frugal – I brew mine at home, then drink it black .

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  193. Louise M. says:

    Enjoyed reading your review of your Disney Cruise. It would be a wonderful gift to give to the family such a memorable vacation.

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  195. I make coffee every morning so it would be nice not having to prepare the night before. I would love to try one. I have bought them for gifts but never one for myself.

  196. My preference is my Keurig. I think this would make a great gift.

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  199. Sheryl Madsen says:

    I mostly drive through, but when I babysit my grandkids my daughters or daughter in law often makes coffee for me

  200. Candace E says:

    Well I don’t drink coffee but I love hot chocolate in the winter and usually make me own, but sometimes i go out too!

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  203. Melanie Duxbury says:

    most mornings we brew at home, but once in a while we will treat outselves.

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  206. Sylvia Bernat says:

    I’m not a coffee drinker but do love my tea. We already have this coffee maker for my husband who must have one cup a day. If I was to win this I would give it to my brother for his 40th birthday this year.

  207. valerie godin says:

    I brew mine at home :)

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  215. I am frugal, coffee at home and if we splurge it’s Tim Hortons!

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  218. Tracy Dixon says:

    I gave up the drive thru in the fall…make at home. :-)

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  221. I prefer to have coffee at home, but the husband is in the Tim Horton’s drive through 3 times a day.

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  225. Brew mine at home

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  228. I make my own coffee @ home but i like to have McDonald’s coffee as well :)

    **Im an email subscriber**

  229. Karla Sceviour says:

    I am not a big coffee drinker,but do love specialty coffees,such as a french vanilla cappuccino from Timmies! :) I would ove making specialty coffess in this!
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  235. belinda m says:

    I am a timmie’s fanatic and boy does it add up fast


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  237. I always brew coffee at home. Thanks!

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  242. I brew coffee at home during the week, but often go out for coffee on weekends. I can’t make a latte like our local coffee shop does!

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  245. Rebecca Bell says:

    I buy when I work and I brew when I’m home…as long as my body gets caffeine….and strong stuff, I don’t really care where it comes from! :)

  246. I am a make my coffee at home kind of girl.

  247. Debbie Kennedy says:

    I usually make my coffee at home but I do enjoy a drive-thru treat once in a while.

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  254. we grind our own beans and love love love good coffee
    I am an email subscriber

  255. I’m both frugal and un-frugal! I drink coffee from home and from coffee shops, and I enjoy both!

  256. I don’t drink a lot of coffee but when I do it’s always from Starbucks :)

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  263. Cheryl Morreale (@loucheryl) says:

    LOVED your review and I now want to book a Disney Cruise!!! I learned that there are some really cool poolside places to eat: Pluto’s Dog House, Pinocchio’s Pizzeria and Goofy’s Galley! I loved the photo of you feeding your youngest by the ocean. Wonderful!

    • Cheryl Morreale (@loucheryl) says:

      I meant to post the above in the Disney Cruise post. Sorry about that. I really like flavoured coffee like vanilla or caramel.

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  269. Dagmar B. says:
  270. I love the double double but in an effort to cut calories, i’ve been doing the regular. I don’t even know how to make coffee at home but maybe with the Tassimo, I could figure it out. lol

  271. Leanne Bramm says:

    I am unfrugal and hit up starbucks!

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  274. I’m frugal and make my coffee at home

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  277. We brew Timmy’s at home and go through the drive through….. spend a lot on coffee!!!

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    We make coffee at home and love to try all the different types on the market :)

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  288. I usually make a latte at home in the morning and then buy one on my lunch break in the afternoon. With 3 kids, I need my caffeine!!

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  294. I really try hard to only have coffee from home, but if I am with someone, of course, I have to join them.

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  299. Bed Bath and Beyond sells the Hot CHocolate.

  300. I still enjoy my tim hortons large regular,,,but yes we use the tassimo too, liked on facebook,

  301. belinda m says:
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  303. emma walpole says:

    follow you on twitter Emmaleewalpole tweeted https://twitter.com/#!/Emmaleewalpole/status/159618751027888128

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    I’m pretty frugal so I make coffee at home.

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    I subscribe by email.

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  307. I try to brew at home as much as possible, but some mornings after a 2-hour commute I just reaaaally want a coffee from Tim’s on the way into the office!

  308. I’m an email subscriber.

  309. i prefer to make my coffee at home but sometimes I like to treat myself and get coffee from the local cafe.

  310. I also “Like” you on FB!

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  312. I prefer to make my coffee at home – both to be frugal and because I prefer the taste!

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    Thanks for the giveaway :)

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  326. i like having coffee out with friends,,but then I drink another 10 cups at home if IM by myself,,,

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    I love to entertain and make coffee at home. I only do the drive through when I have a very early start to my day!

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    Following you on Twitter @gypseygirl

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  334. Cheryl Morreale (@loucheryl) says:
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  336. We have a Tim Horton’s in the office, so I usually grab a coffee in the morning at work. If I had this, it would be so convenient to make one at home to go!

  337. I’m an email subscriber

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  339. I enjoy a cappuccino at home every so often.

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  342. Small Town Mommy says:
  343. Hailey Metz says:

    I do have to say I can be a bit unfrugal at times too. We have a local gourmet coffee shop downtown and I make many frequent stops in for a cup of coffee as I hate to make a full pot at home just for me. This one cup system would be so AWESOME! Hailey M

  344. Hailey Metz says:

    I am an e-mail subscriber. Hailey M

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    I am a facebook fan! Hailey M

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  347. Hailey Metz says:

    Your disney wonder cruise post was so awesome! I loved to sit and read about what a magical experience you and your family had and enjoyed all the pictures you have posted! You have sure inspired me to want to get back there sooner than we were planning! You also have made me really want to try an cruise. I have never been on a cruise and was alittle unsure i would like them but your pics and posts has definately changed my mind. Can’t wait for more posts about your magical vacation! Hailey M

  348. I don’t drink entire pots of coffee so Tassimo would be perfect – a fresh cup whenever I want it and a fancy cappuccino made to order :)

  349. daily tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/Maria_b2011/status/159706412736462848

    mariam_b1984 at hotmail dot com

  350. I like my coffee at home. I have my favourite mug and I think it tastes so much better this way.

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  354. I usually hit the local coffee shop once a day. This machine would be perfect for me since I am the only one in the house that drinks coffee.

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    I love making my coffee at home but when on a road trip, I do the drive thru’s.

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  365. Love coffee at home, cause my nearest coffee shop is quite far & I need to drive. As for work, we have only one coffee shop downstairs, and I do not like going there cause I see all the co-workers there. Coffee is a time to relax, please no stress around.

  366. Subscribe via email : teddyoutreadyto(at)gmail(dot)com

  367. stephen kinnear says:

    During the week, I buy coffee on the way to work, I need that big cup, but on the weekends – the coffee maker is on all the time.

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    Like Feisty Frugal and Fabulous on FB -stephen k

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  371. OMGosh…I am a fanatic like you! After a good meal, instead of craving a yucky cigarette, I crave coffee. I pass on Timmies though. Starbucks is my favorite!!!

  372. GFC follower

  373. email subscriber

  374. Michelle jadaa says:

    Its a treat for us to go out for coffee or a chai latte :)


  375. I actually don’t like coffee, but I do like tea and hot chocolate (and my husband likes coffee, which he usually purchases at places like Tim Hortons and Starbucks).

  376. I like FFF on Facebook

  377. as a university student, i try to make my coffees at home to save $$ but sometimes i don’t have time, especially when my classes are 830 in the morning!

    definitely keeping my fingers crossed !


  378. valerie godin says:
  379. I’m both. I drink coffee at work but I buy during the weekends.

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  385. I buy and if I’m working from home, I make my own french press.

  386. Anne Taylor says:

    We make our coffee at home all of the time and buy it as a special treat only once in a while!

  387. Anne Taylor says:

    email subscriber

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  390. Anne Taylor says:
  391. i am un-frugal like you! i just do not have the time to make my own! :-T

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  393. commented on your disney trip post!

  394. Dagmar B. says:
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  397. Lisa Smith says:

    We end up at Timmies almost every day :( it’s a bad habit

  398. Lisa Smith says:

    I subscribe via RSS (Google Reader)

  399. Ted Kooper says:

    I make my coffee at home, its way cheaper

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    We make our coffee at home all of the time

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  413. joanne turgeon says:

    My favorite Vanilla!!!

  414. Isabelle Simard says:

    I’m a Maxwell house fan since many years. I’ld love to try it in Tassimo way. I’ve receive a Dolce gusto coffee maker couples of months ago and i hate it. Everybody around me have a Keurig coffee maker and i don’t like the taste of their flavors.
    Waiting for the surprise :)

  415. Daily tweet Jan 18
    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  416. Jeffrey G says:
  417. Erin K Lee says:

    I am just starting to get addicted to coffee so I don’t own my own machine yet – I’m still deciding between a Keurig and a Tassimo! So I am currently just getting my coffee anywhere that sells and is on the way :)

  418. Erin K Lee says:
  419. I prefer making my coffee at home, but I often grab them on the go aswell!

  420. I am an e-mail subscriber

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  423. Ted Kooper says:
  424. Like to make coffee at home

  425. nathania hunter says:

    we prefer to make our vanilla bean coffee at home, it makes the house smell delicious!. When we’re out and about we like to go though the drive-thru. Thank you for this giveaway.
    nathania.a at gmail dot com

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  432. belinda m says:
  433. Mon café préféré est le crema, délicieux.

  434. emma walpole says:
  435. Tania Smith says:

    I subscribe via emai

  436. Tania Smith says:

    I have a terrible drive through habit.
    I go every morning before work and then every night right after. If I am heading to the city, I will drive out of my way to get coffee before heading out adding an additional half hour to my trip.

  437. Tania Smith says:
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  442. I like my coffee with 2 cream & nothing else. Mostly getting an expresso.

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  449. Small Town Mommy says:
  450. I make coffee at home and add flavored coffee mate and love
    going through the drive-through when in the city or sitting in
    for a coffee with my sis

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  456. Drive-Thru Habit, but not daily, but at least 2-3x a week.

    I follow you on twitter.

  457. Anne Taylor says:
  458. If I DO go out for coffee, I hit a Starbucks for a Caramel Macciato made my way – lactaid milk, extra caramel drizzle, light foam. Tim Horton’s gives me heartburn, though my household occasionally enjoyed a selection of timbits. If I can make a Tassimo Latte at home, I can add my own caramel drizzle, even chocolate sauce! YUM

  459. Doreen Riopel says:
  460. daily tweet

  461. daily tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/Maria_b2011/status/160066327300685826

    mariam_b1984 at hotmail dot com

  462. My confession is my affair with Starbucks. I love a Starbucks latte on a cold morning of when I need that extra pick me up. I have tried to make my own lattes, they are ok but not like a SB’s. My two favs are White chocolate mocha and tazo chai latte :)

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  468. .I live in a rural area and need this please!!!!

  469. I definitely have a drive thru habit , :) Love me some Timmies!!

    dalleykt at live dot ca

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    Tammy D

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  473. I make my coffee at home

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  476. I’m terrible.. Tim Horton’s every day, or almost every day!!!!!

  477. I subscribe through e-mail

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    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  479. Nicole Carpini says:

    I love to get an exra large hot chocolate to share with my son. How fun would it be to do it at home with him. Being frugal would also be a plus. What a great blog, thanks Marie Douville.

  480. My new addiction is the cafe Mochas at McDonalds! They suckered me in with their free trial and now I’m hooked!

  481. Adriana Fitzgerald says:
  482. Karla Sceviour says:
  483. Candace E says:
  484. susan margaret says:

    I prefer making mine at home because I like the taste better generally -it’s easier to doctor

  485. susan margaret says:

    I am a Facebook fan (Susan M.)

  486. susan margaret says:

    I subscribe via RSS

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    I have your button on my blog here: http://charmtime.wordpress.com/

  488. I don’t drink coffee but I’d love to be able to make a Chai Tea Latte at home…

  489. subscriber

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  500. daily tweet

  501. I have a very bad drive through habit, Tim’s I just love.

  502. Follow

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  504. Like you on FB Lee-Ann L

  505. Small Town Mommy says:
  506. NANCY MARTIN says:

    Kids love Timmies, but I would prefer a cocoa at home.

  507. NANCY MARTIN says:

    I subscribe via email (nm.sunsetgourmet at gmail dot com

  508. NANCY MARTIN says:

    canadiannancy follow you on twitter and tweeted:
    I just entered to win a TASSIMO Home Brewing System http://bit.ly/tassimoT46 @FeistyFrugal @TASSIMOCanada (Canada only, ends 02/14)

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    I posted a comment on your Disney Cruise review part one, can’t wait to drool over part two!

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    mariam_b1984 at hotmail dot com

  514. Andrea Amy says:

    I PREFER to go to Tim Horton’s but since I don’t drive and have 3 little ones, unless its a weekend or my husband has the day off, I make my own coffee at home (coffee out everyday wouldn’t fit in the budget anyways).

  515. Andrea Amy says:

    subscribed through email

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    liked you on facebook. Facebook name is the same as this one (Andrea Amy)

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    left a comment on your disney cruise post

  519. Andrea Amy says:
  520. We brew coffee from home mostly because my husband makes an awesome cup of coffee and we drink it alot. Every once in a while we hit up the drive threw on our way somewhere but with 3 children in the car it becomes a little pricey and we never get just drinks.

  521. i follow on twitter and tweeted giveaway

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  526. Prefer making my own.

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    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  529. We just got an espresso machine for Christmas, so we love making our own coffee now! But it’s time consuming, but worth it.

  530. I am unfrugal and I buy my coffee eek! I really like french vanilla.

  531. following on twitter

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  541. Anne Taylor says:
  542. Cheryl Morreale (@loucheryl) says:
  543. Small Town Mommy says:
  544. Michelle B says:

    I Like to get my coffee at Tim Hortons but mostly brew my own

  545. Michelle B says:

    I like you on FB Michelle B

  546. belinda m says:
  547. Karla Sceviour says:
  548. Ted Kooper says:
  549. I definitely prefer to make it at home – just a money saver. I do have a weakness for tim’s french-vanilla cappacino.

  550. subscriber through email

  551. Tweeted-https://twitter.com/#!/dewinner/status/161043755447750657

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  560. Marryam B says:

    daily tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/Maria_b2011/status/161176474018267136

    mariam_b1984 at hotmail dot com

  561. belinda m says:
  562. I am not a huge coffee drinker, so when I want one, I usually pick one up at the coffee shop.

  563. I subscribe via email

  564. I like fff on facebook (Andrea C)

  565. OK, i want this so bad! I’m going to sub via email as well :) joannjess at gmail.com

  566. Marc-Andre Taillefer says:
  567. Lisa Smith says:
  568. Chris Lambert says:

    In the morning, I make only enough coffee at home that I can drink while packing up kidlets for school (usually 1 cup) and the rest I take in my travel mug for work. (I have a mug that keeps it warm for the whole day, that’s how cheap I am). I don’t make coffee for my husband anymore because most of the time he pours it into a travel mug (not one of mine because I never see that mug again if he takes it) and leaves it at the front door. I hate to waste, so I end up taking TWO mugs with me. Better to eat what I kill….er….I mean make what I take. More frugality: every Christmas I get a $20 gift card to either Starbucks or Timmy’s; I still haven’t used up last year’s and I got a new one this year. Would love to win a Tassimo!

  569. Karla Sceviour says:
  570. Ted Kooper says:
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  572. emma walpole says:
  573. Amy Brown says:
  574. Small Town Mommy says:
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  579. Marryam B says:

    daily tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/Maria_b2011/status/161527687301705728

    mariam_b1984 at hotmail dot com

  580. Jeffrey G says:
  581. Totally a ‘making coffee at home’ kinda girl.

  582. daily tweet-https://twitter.com/#!/409cope/status/161571098591375360

  583. Candace E says:
  584. Daily tweet Jan 23
    Thanks for the giveaway :)

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  592. daily tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/Maria_b2011/status/161864719328751616

    mariam_b1984 at hotmail dot com

  593. daily tweet
    I just entered to win a TASSIMO Home Brewing System http://bit.ly/tassimoT46 @FeistyFrugal @TASSIMOCanada (Canada only, ends 02/14)

  594. Claude Campeau says:
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  596. I like making my coffee at home would like to enter the giveaway

  597. Jeffrey G says:
  598. Corey Walker says:

    My hubby is addicted to Tim’s so he will get me one when he goes. But, I make myself instant coffee at home because I don’t have a coffee maker! This would be great!

  599. Corey Walker says:

    Email subscriber

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    Like on fb

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    Shared on fb

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    Daily tweet….mitch1066(at)gmail.com

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    mariam_b1984 at hotmail dot com

  619. Anne Taylor says:
  620. daily tweet-https://twitter.com/#!/409cope/status/162318775629258752

  621. like on facebook

  622. follow on twitter

  623. suscribed to email

  624. really want one of these! we don’t drink coffee, but hubby loves hot chocolate, and i love the chai tea lattes!

  625. Karla Sceviour says:
  626. Candace E says:
  627. Jeffrey G says:
  628. I am unfrugal and love my daily timmies! (My one splurge ;) )

  629. email subscriber

  630. Like you on facebook (Bree J)

  631. Daily tweet Jan 25
    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  632. Ted Kooper says:
  633. Deb Dorrington says:

    During the week I make coffee at home, but on the weekend I splurge and go to Tim Horton’s for a French Vanilla Cappuccino Supreme both Saturday and Sunday..lol.

  634. Deb Dorrington says:

    I am an email subscriber to Feisty Frugal

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    I follow @FeistyFrugal via twitter as @Dovescry2000

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    I like Feisty Frugal and Fabulous on facebook…Deb D.

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    I left a comment on your post “Disney Wonder Cruise Review”…thank you for this coffelicious giveaway!

  639. belinda m says:
  640. Donna Marie says:

    I love starbucks but since the closest one is a pretty good drive from our house I don’t go too often. I normally make things at home.


  641. Donna Marie says:

    I subscribe via email

  642. Donna Marie says:
  643. Donna Marie says:

    just saw it is canada only. I tweeted for you but go ahead and delete my entries. sorry about that.

  644. daily tweet-https://twitter.com/#!/409cope/status/162532674047721472

  645. Amy brown says:
  646. daily tweet

  647. Love the hot chocolate… And the teas…:)

  648. bc edwards says:
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    mariam_b1984@hotmail dot com

  650. daily tweet
    I just entered to win a TASSIMO Home Brewing System http://bit.ly/tassimoT46 @FeistyFrugal @TASSIMOCanada (Canada only, ends 02/14)

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    I just entered to win a TASSIMO Home Brewing System http://bit.ly/tassimoT46 @FeistyFrugal @TASSIMOCanada (Canada only, ends 02/14)

  660. Ted Kooper says:
  661. I make coffee for my entire day in the morning – A large thermos and two travel mugs each and every day.

  662. email subscriber

  663. daily tweet

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  665. Amy Brown says:
  666. I can’t get through my Monday -Friday without an iced vanilla coffee. It’s okay when thinking a large is only $1.59 but once I finish that I’m all over the Tassimo at work. BTW you can order the T-Discs online and shipping if free with all purchases over $70 I believe. (I order them for work! The Hot Chocolate is AMAZING!)

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  677. Karla Sceviour says:
  678. I like making tea, hot chocolate and coffee at home

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  681. I like white hot chocolate rather than coffee. These machines make really good hot chocolate I have heard.

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  691. bc edwards says:
  692. I’m UNFRUGAL! Monday to Friday and sometimes Saturdays I like my “drivethru” coffee.
    I have been looking into a home brewing system but there are so many!

  693. tweeted yesterday but didn’t have time to comment about it!


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    Love the Gevalia Caramel Machiato for the Tassimo

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  700. i make my drinks at home!

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  717. I usually make my own coffee at home but treat myself once in awhile to a latte.

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  719. I love a good latte and I usually treat myself to one when dining in a restaurant.

  720. I don’t drink much coffee, but hubby does and he would be psyched to win a tassimo. He makes his coffee at home with an espresso machine that is on its last leg.

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  742. I’m unfrugal with my coffee/latte habit so would love a Tassimo coffee maker to break the habit in a great way

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  752. I’m unfrugal with my hot beverages. I’m usually buying them instead of making them at home.

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  759. I prefer my coffee at home :)

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    I’m a bit frugal & like to make my coffee at home & onlu aplurge occassionally.

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  774. I tend to hit the drive-thru when I need my coffee fix accept for first thing in the morning

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  791. I like making my coffee at home, but prefer to only have 1 cup a day, this would be great!

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  815. I prefer Starbucks mocha’s, but as the nearest Starbucks in 1.5 hours from me, it is only a rare treat!

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  828. My family likes making coffee at home, it’s just more economical and closer to our preferred tastes

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  836. Cheryl E. says:

    I prefer making coffee at home. I love my coffee strong!!

  837. Tania Smith says:
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  839. Heather Diotte says:
  840. usually get coffee in the morning at timmies

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  844. Small Town Mommy says:
  845. Deb Dorrington says:
  846. Anne Taylor says:
  847. I go out for coffee socially with friends and/or co-workers. but I do like making my own coffee at home. It is a bit of a nuisance to use a whole pot just to make 2 cups of coffee for myself. I would definitely love to have a Tassimo Coffee brewer. :D

  848. </