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Got the Phone? Now it’s Time to Accessorize!

Several of my friends have brand new phones courtesy of Santa or hubby (one and the same!) this holiday season.  They’re enjoying checking them out, playing with new features, and seeing what they can do with their new toy…I mean phone.

I’ve had my latest phone since this summer and still haven’t purchased much for accessories for it.

I recently shared a post of household tips, and one of them was how you could amplify the speaker on your phone, when playing music, by placing the phone in a bowl.  This actually will work, in a pinch, but if you want to be like all the cool kids, consider a portable speaker like this one from Nokia.

The Nokia Mini Speaker MD-11 is a portable, battery operated speaker (3 AAA) that will give you 30 hours of operating time so you can take your phone to the beach, a BBQ, or on the road and enjoy all your music right at your fingertips!

We tested out this speaker at home and I was surprised by not only the sound quality, but how loud it can actually get without any distortion.

You don’t need a Nokia phone to attach it too either, it’s actually compatible with all phones, music players and other devices with a standard 3.5 mm audio jack.

Not bad at all for a $30 item you can pick up at all Fido locations in Canada!

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  • This is really neat – and would be awesome with the iPod of other places where you need portable music! I remember the last trip to mexico I took (… 9 years ago) we brought our computer speakers with our CD player/walkman thing so we could listen on the beach… so funny how fast things change..!