phil&teds Lobster Portable Highchair

If you have little kids, you know the ridiculous amount of items a family hauls when traveling for the holidays. The older the baby gets, the less items are needed.  However, there are still several items that are must-haves when traveling to visit relatives and friends, one of them being a place for baby to eat.

Our family received the Lobster portable highchair from phil&teds shortly before the holidays, which of course was perfect timing!  Instead of hauling a bulky plastic toddler seat 400km, the super-compact and portable Lobster made our packing a cinch!

The Lobster even comes in its own carry bag so you can ensure it’s kept clean on the go (don’t even get me started on the lack of care airlines take with infant products, can I get a carry bag for everything please?!)  I love the handles and closure and yes, the chair fits easily inside!

I was really paranoid about this style of highchair before trying the Lobster, because I wondered how it could stay secure on the side of a table.  After checking out and reading more about the design of the Lobster, I was eager to try it out with Everleigh.  Look at that clamp!!

One pet peeve of mine (being the germophobe that I am!) is dirty highchairs in restaurants.  I don’t understand why they are not kept clean (and it truly makes me wonder about the cleanliness of the restaurant as a whole when they don’t pay attention to things like that).  The Lobster portable highchair is easy to take along anywhere, including the local restaurant or all the way to Disneyland as one mom mentioned on the phil&teds page!

Customers can use the Retailer locator on the site to find a store near them that carries phil&teds products, or find an online store that carries them as well.  I saw the phil&teds Lobster at the local baby boutique in my own city for $89.99, and a Canadian website has it listed for $80.

1 of my readers is going to win their own phil&teds Lobster Portable Highchair!  To enter to win, just leave me a comment sharing where you would use this chair.

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This giveaway will end on January 25th at 9PM CT . Giveaway is open to Canadian and US addresses

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  1. I would love to win this! We are currently preparing to move overseas for volunteer work, and I would love to have something so portable to bring along!

  2. I liked you on facebook!

  3. Danelle B says:

    I would use this when going to the lake during the summer. Would be so nice to be able to eat on my own versus balancing my 8 month old on my lap.

  4. Jill Daniel says:

    My niece is pregnant and this would be a great shower gift so that when they visit relatives baby would have his own seat.

  5. This would make a great shower gift for people who camp, as a regular booster doesn’t work worth a darn on a picnic table!

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    Jill D.

  9. I like you on FB! We are going to be travelling to Australia this year. This looks perfect!

  10. Lisa Bolduc says:

    i would use this at trips to grandmas!

  11. Lisa Bolduc says:

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  12. Sheryl Madsen says:

    This would be great for Grandma who cares for several grandkids in highchairs

  13. Lisa Bolduc says:
  14. Rebecca D says:

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  15. Rebecca D says:

    Grandparents houses!

  16. Adriana Fitzgerald says:

    I would use this chair whenever we go out visiting someone who doesn’t have children

  17. Adriana Fitzgerald says:

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  18. Adriana Fitzgerald says:
  19. I would use this on our Long car trips to my parents in Canada!

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  22. Sue Goodin says:

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  23. I would give this to my sister for my nephew on the way so she could use it while out to eat, at my parents house, at my house & at her inlaws house too!

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  26. Sue Goodin says:

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  28. Sue Goodin says:

    I would use this both at home when I have my granddaughter and also I take her with me alot and I would take it when we go out to eat or visiting friends (we ususally have coffee at the kitchen table and they don’t have high chairs)

  29. Sara Gibson says:

    I would use this at church (filthy high chairs there, too!) and at my parent’s house. They have a “Sassy Seat” (same idea as this chair) but it is SO old that I have serious reservations about it’s safety.

  30. I would use this chair at both my parents’ and the inlaws’ house. We are constantly making the 2 hour trek from home to the city they all live in, and on several occasions have forgotten to bring a portable high chair because the one we have is old, bulky, and missing a strap. This is so small I could just leave it tucked away in the car for restaurants that don’t carry highchairs (or have them all in use), trips to friends’ houses, as well as weekends away to the grandparents.

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  33. This would be so convenient for my cousin when she goes visiting! I’d love to get it for her daughter.

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  36. This would be awesome to use when my great nieces and nephews were over!

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  39. This would be great to just keep in the car for going out to eat, visiting friends, etc.

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  41. Small Town Mommy says:

    We would use it at home or in the camper!

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  47. This would be amazing when we are on the road for hockey… Which is every few weekends especially because it’s compact and there is limited room in the car once all the hockey stuff and bags are stuffed in :)

  48. Marryam B says:

    I would take this chair for our vacation in a few months

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  52. Kristin Zaharia says:

    I would love to win this! We travel a lot and it is tough dragging around a big high chair and most of the time we fly so we can’t take it. Having this small portable seat would be awesome!

  53. I’d give this to my friend whose recently had a baby. She’d love it.

  54. We travel lots visiting grandparents and other family so I would use this everywhere! I also like you on facebook. Angie B

  55. I like you on Facebook (Catie R.).

  56. ColleenMarie82 says:

    We are always having meals at church and there is 1 high chair available so if you are not the first one there you are out of luck and of course i am never the first one these so I usually end up eating with my 9 month old in my lap and well you know how that goes. So this would be great to keep in the car for times like that.

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  60. I would love this seat for travelling! I like you on Facebook (Meaghan L)

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  63. Tian Kinasih says:

    I would love to use this smart highchair everywhere. thank you for the chance, :)

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  69. Janet Kong says:

    My neighbour just had a baby, so this would be handy for her!

  70. Stephanie A. says:

    I’d use this everywhere! Especially at our fav Korean BBQ in Little Tokyo!

  71. I would use this when we’re at my in-laws’, and when we travel to see my parents there’s a rest stop at the half-way point that has no high chairs. And when we eat out, I’d prefer not to use the dirty high chairs too. Great to keep in the car!

  72. I would totally use it at home and visiting family.

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  75. Fantastic for visits and travel

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  78. I would use it for visiting, and also for visitors at my house, we have a large family and a small house, and being able to skip the huge high chair would be great!

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  80. I subscribe via email nm.sunsetgourmet@gmail dot com

    Enter to win a Lobster Portable Highchair from @philandteds @FeistyFrugal + read her review! Canada/US

  82. Sexycanadiangrl says:

    With Family spread throughout the country and down into the US, and expecting the first Grandchild on both sides in Feb. I would use this chair when travelling, for sure. I would probably also use it in restaurants, and maybe even at home, since our tiny kitchen isnt really going to have a lot of room for a big bulky high chair.

  83. And I shared on facebook! Good luck everyone!

  84. This would be for my youngest grandson.

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  88. I would use this for my baby.

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  91. I’d use it for trips to see the grandparents!

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  95. gibberish says:

    I would give this chair to my son & his wife for their new baby.

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  98. I’d give the chair to my best friend to use for her grand-daughter

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  100. At home and whenever we go out to eat.

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  103. so great for travel or dinner with friends with no kids

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  105. Sheila Shapley says:

    I would use it with my grandbabies when traveling.

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  107. D Schmidt says:

    I would use this when we go out for dinner in the evening and when we go on vacation

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  112. Allison Parkyn says:

    I like you on facebook, follow you on Twitter and Reader, subscribe to your email!! I would use this chair when we visit family who don’t have highchairs. It’s a good thing to have in the car if a place you dine doesn’t have them (or has a very unclean one). I love these and really hope I win! :)

  113. Heather M says:

    I would use it at home, or leave it in the car… Not sure yet.

  114. I would love to have this highchair! I have a 7-month old son and the Lobster Portable Highchair would be super handy when we’re visiting family and friends or eating out.

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  117. We would take it to restaurants and visiting friends/family.

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    I would love to have this,I’m going to be a grandma!!

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  126. I’d gift it to my niece

  127. would be great to have when my friend with her small fry visits.

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  129. This would be awesome for roadtrips, visiting family who don’t have highchairs.

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  134. I would use this for my son when we went to restaurants and to visit fam and friends,

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  137. Hmmmm….if I had the opportunity, I would take this handy highchair everywhere

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  140. I would use this for any outing, even when visiting friends and family!
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  143. Charlene Vidal says:

    I would use this chair when the grand-kiddies came over.

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  148. Claude Campeau says:

    This would be great for when we go camping!

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  150. Becky Boo says:

    Oh my that looks like the handiest highchair ever!! I would use it in restaurants. Public highchairs gross me out there all sticky and dirty and nasty!

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  155. I would (eventually) use this product in restaurants and other public places.

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  158. i would keep this at my house for when all the little ones come over, that way the parents don’t have to worry about a highchair.

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  162. I’d use this at grandparents house!

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    I’d use it for visiting friends and family.

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  167. I would take it to the restaurants.

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    We would use this at my parents home & when we go out to dinner

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  173. I would give to my friend who is expecting. I’m sure she would use this at grandma’s house, or when going out for dinner.

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  176. Sharon Jack says:

    This could be used EVERYWHERE!

  177. Quincy Barnesky says:

    I would use this at every restaurant we go to. I, too, am disgusted at the cleanliness of restaurant highchairs. We always have to wipe them down ourselves. This would solve that problem! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  178. This would be great to have during road trips!

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  185. I think this would make an amazing gift for a friend who recently had a baby girl! I totally understand from a parent’s perspective, especially when they’re so young, that you want to keep them healthy in the best environment; making sure that things are sanitary is a big priority!

    Good luck to all!
    Donna Vitan (liked on Facebook)
    @donnavitan (following on Twitter)

  186. Everywhere. I’d probably keep it in the van so I could use it when we go out to eat. like you, I’m disgusted by restaurant high chairs and often clean them before letting my baby sit in them.

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  189. I would give this to my niece who is a young single mom who cannot afford one

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  197. I would use this chair for my biweekly get together with the girls for coffee!

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  200. Sorry, forgot mandatory entry! I would use this chair whenever we go out to friends’ houses and restaurants with our kids…which is very often!!

  201. In my kitchen! Every single one of my girlfriends had or is having a baby and I’m YEARS past it. This would be perfect for whne they come over!

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  203. I would use this when we go visit relatives, out to restaurants and at home

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  208. Small Town Mommy says:
  209. We own a mustang with two small children. Having this any night to take to dinner would be awesome. Our current chair we only have one and they are always fighting over who uses it and like you I am a germ freak so using what they have in the resturant is out.

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  213. Rebecca Orr says:

    We are constantly traveling to friends and families houses so this would be perfect to have for that. Our little one isn’t big enough for it right this second, but in a few months she will be. And I really need something like this so that when she is ready and we are in others homes she has something to sit in instead of our laps! lol Thanks for the chance.
    bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

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  218. I would use this chair when we go to visit my parents and would take it to restaurants!

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  221. Hailey Metz says:

    OMG so in love! This would get used right out! Our daughter will be getting ready to start eating more than milk here soon and this would be such an awesome asset to have! We like to be on the go so this would be so handy to have! Weather it be at grandma and grandpas, a friends or on our trips to Edmonton and hopefully out to BC this summer! Awesome giveaway!
    Hailey M

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  225. I would use this chair at my parents/inlaws houses!

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  228. When I go out to friends, especially those doesn’t have children.

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  232. I love this. This would definitely be handy when travelling to relatives or taking vacations.

  233. That’s awesome – the kitchen counter would be awesome – away from the hustle of it, of course.

  234. email subscribe here – thanks

  235. How smart is this! Definitely handy with all the traveling to see family!

  236. I would use this (or keep this) at my mother-in-law’s to make things easier when we went there for dinner.

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  240. This would be great for trips to grandmas house!

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  242. I would use it when we visit my my sister in law, we like going there often but my son and her daughter tend to fight over the highchair

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  245. I always wanted one of these chairs when my kids were littler but they’re too big now :( I think it would be a great gift for a friend of mine who is expecting her first child though…

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  248. Great for going out to eat!! I liked and shared on FB… Dassy K

  249. Charlene Vidal says:
  250. Raquel Garcia says:

    I would love to win this as I can’t stand restaurant high chairs….even after taking numerous wipes to them I still don’t feel they are very clean!

  251. It’d be good when you go to the grandparents house or friends’ houses who don’t have kids.

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  255. Small Town Mommy says:
  256. Anne Taylor says:
  257. I think I’d use this chair everywhere! At home for sure and then take it to restaurants. Thanks for the chance!

  258. ColleenMarie82 says:
  259. i would use this chair multiple places!!! but most likely when we go visit friends and family for dinner!!!!!

  260. I would use this chair as a gift for my friend’s brand new baby.

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  263. This is the perfect travel companion to friend’s homes (especially childless ones).

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  266. I would use this for our house, my parents, at friends, the cottage and restaurants! What a great idea and much less space consuming then the large full size highchairs.

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  270. I would use this when my nephew comes to my house

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    I would use this chair for my second daughter when we go to the grandparents every weekend and when I got out to eat.

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  283. I would use this chair for all of our dinner outings once our baby comes!

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  285. Anne Taylor says:
  286. Tricia Hall says:

    I would use this all over. I have back issues so having not to lug a big heavy thing around is perfect. :) As far as restaurants go, they are typically not very clean on high chairs. All we were told to do is wipe them down when i waitressed.

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    I would use the chair when we visit friends without high chairs.

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  321. I have a new nephew being born this month, and I know we would get use out of this for him:)

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  324. I would use the phil&teds Lobster Portable Highchair when we are visiting family.

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  339. Please i need it so badly !!! i am going on a long vacation and was too worried, how will my 11 month old daughter eat there ? as she is so used to of her high chair at home. This is the first time i am leaving any comment to win, on your website. I am also a fan of feisty,frugal and fabulous on facebook !!

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    I would love to win this for my friend Michelle who is having TWINS! After 8 year’s of trying she was doubly blessed!!! She would be able to use it at home and on the go!

  352. Anne Taylor says:
  353. I am going to use when we travel, as we travel a lot around Canada.

  354. Tian Kinasih says:
  355. We would be using this at our house and during family travels with my older kids. We have THREE new grandkids, one 2 month, one 2 1/2 month old and one 9 month old. The two little ones will be at our home during the weekdays and we have SUCH a tiny house, there is not going to be room for even ONE high chair. This would be so great to use here and let the parents take to other travels where others do not have feeding accommodations for babies either. Thank you!

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  378. Great idea! Would be great for eating out at restaurants.

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    I would use this chair so many places! My in-laws don’t have a high chair, so it would beat lugging the big plastic one. I think I would especially use it at restaurants. I am with you on the dirty chairs!

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  424. My husband and I are both currently grad students, but when we’re done I would like to start our family – therefore I have decided to enter lots of contests to win baby stuff until then to make things easier on ourselves in the not-too-distant future! I’ve seen these chairs and think they are great!


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