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I’m Getting Organized in 2012

What’s your New Years Resolution? Experts say that most new years resolutions are destined to fail – after all, we can make a resolution any day of the year so making one when you’re in a sense, forced into it may not be the best plan. Still, I think the beginning of a new year […]

Snowman Funnies

There’s No Mystery Meat Here.

When I learned our third McDonald’s All-Access Moms trip would bring us to Cargill Meats in Alberta, where we would learn about how hamburgers are made, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to it. As I shared in my initial post announcing the trip, I was hesitant to go, because I was scared of what I […]

Tips to Make Life Easier

My sister sent me these in one of those email-forwards and I thought they were too brilliant not to share! You can hull strawberries easily by using a straw! Rubbing a walnut over scratches and dings in your furniture will help disguise them. Have a graffiti artist like I do?  Remove crayon from tv and […]

A Shopping App You Need to Get – And a Contest to Enter Too!

Finally, the big shopping day is almost here!  US readers get their fun with Black Friday in November and us Canadians have to wait for December 26th, known as Boxing Day, for the biggest shopping day of the year! Canadians, before you head out shopping, make sure you take a moment to download this free […]

Merry Christmas From Our Family to Yours!

Merry Christmas everyone!  I thought I would make one of our photos from our Disney Wonder Cruise into an impromptu Christmas card for you today!  Look for that feature in January, along with more great features and giveaways in 2012.  Thank you for your readership, your friendship and all your comments here, on Facebook, and […]

McDonald’s All-Access Moms CityLine Video Link

This week, Nanny Robina was on CityLine and introduced viewers to an editorial spot on the McDonald’s All Access Moms visit to New Brunswick in October.  There’s a commercial currently airing across Canada that’s about 45 seconds in length – and this spot is a little over double so it has a few more shots […]