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Though I review products from several holiday card sites over the season, Tiny Prints is my favorite site to order from because of how easy they make the process.  If you’ve ordered cards online before, you know what a task it can be.  There’s so many to choose from and although you may have an idea in your head of how you want the cards to look, searching through pages and pages of cards to find your vision can be difficult and time consuming.

When creating your family holiday card, chances are you have a bit of an idea of what you’d like to see.  You have a few pictures picked out to use and know that a card with one photo, for example, isn’t the kind you want because you want to showcase more than one photo.  Why go through pages and pages of card ideas with one photo then?  Tiny Prints makes it easy by giving you the option of choosing cards with 1, 2, 3 or more photos and even allows you to choose cards featuring a layout that will match your photos.

For example, for my cards I had one photo that was a definite must and it was a landscape (horizontal) orientation – so I made sure that the cards I picked to view had a spot for a landscape photo on them.

So, once you start browsing cards with the right number of photos and the right photo orientation on them, how to decide which one to pick?

Again, Tiny Prints makes this easy with their Favorites option.  Simply click on the little heart on the bottom of each card description to add that card to your favorites area at the bottom of the page.  Then, when you’re ready, you can look through your favorite designs to narrow  down your choices.

And choices you will have!  Pages and pages of great design ideas await for holiday cards at Tiny Prints.  Of course, there’s many more items available during the whole year through, and these elements make it easy to order everything from wedding invitations to baby announcements as well.

I just received my order from Tiny Prints last week and love my Christmas cards!  After narrowing down my choices, I made the best decision and picked the best card, if I do say so myself.  I can’t share it here though, that’s what the fun of mailing them out to friends and family is all about!

Tiny Prints is offering my readers the opportunity to win a $50 GC to shop on their site!  To enter to win, leave me a comment here telling me what you would spend the GC on if you won.

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This giveaway will end on December 1st at 9PM CT . Giveaway is open to Canadian and US addresses.

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  1. Undomesticgirl says:

    I would use it on Romantic Tab save the date magnets

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    I like you on fb – Kristy b

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    email subsciber

  4. Undomesticgirl says:
  5. I’d love to win a set of Christmas Cards! Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  6. I love the Natural Holidays Circle Cards. Very cool.

  7. So great! We’d use this for our Christmas cards!

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  10. Angela Porter says:

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    I would use it for thank you cards!

  12. I would use the $50 to purchase holiday cards I think I especially like the Very Merry Christmas design

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  16. Chelsei Ryan says:

    I would use it on Christmas Cards

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  20. Allison Parkyn says:

    Following you on google, twitter and facebook. Subscribe to your newsletter!

    I would use the $ on my Christmas card this year. Last Christmas we sent out cards / announcements last year for family in two countries, for our new baby that was born in December. Now he’ll be one…so excited for his first real Christmas (slept last year). It’s amazing to see how much he’s grown, and tiny prints is such a great choice for sending cards to family and friends because they make it so easy!

    Hope I win!! :)

  21. I’d choose the Snowflake Tag Christmas Cards.

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  25. I would get a Custom Self-Inking Stamps.

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  29. I would love to get this: Whispering Snowflake

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  33. I think I would get some address labels…but there is so many nice ones to choose from! That would take more time to decide!

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  38. Cheryl Morreale says:

    I would spend the $50 on some amazing Christmas cards for my friends and family. Tiny Prints has so many to choose from, it’s going to be hard to choose just one.

  39. Cheryl Morreale says:

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  44. Rebecca Orr says:

    I really love the look of the Banner of Dreams Christmas card!! Thanks for the chance. bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

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    FFF FB fan: Rebecca Orr bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

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  48. I would use it on labels!

  49. Mellissa Spitzer says:

    I would use the gift card to purchase Memory books for our childrens Great Grandfather’s on both sides of the family.

  50. Jennifer Sundquist says:

    I would either make a calendar of my daughters for their grandpa who lives in a different state, or a photobook.

  51. Jennifer Sundquist says:

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  55. I would actually pick the Birthday Monsters card for my son’s upcoming birthday.

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  60. I think I would order the Baby Breeze thank you cards

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  63. I would get the self inking stamp!

  64. If the shipping is fast enough, then Christmas cards. If it doesn’t give me enough time I would get Happy New Year cards.

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  66. I subscribe via email.

  67. I follow you and @tinyprints on twitter and tweeted the giveaway:

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  69. I think I’d get the surfing penguins invitations for my son.

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  71. I think I would order the Memory books if I win

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  76. If I won, I’d definitely buy the Custom Canvas

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  80. I would spend the g/c on baby shower invites for my little sister :)

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  84. I’d get address labels and birthday invites.

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  87. Cheryl Morreale says:
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  89. Tracie Trump says:

    I would use the gift card towards the photo calendar! tracietrump@yahoo.com

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  94. Cheryl Morreale says:
  95. I’d spend it on Christmas cards. I like the Be Merry and the Always Merry Happy cards.

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  99. Christmas pictures and Christmas books….photo books!

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    tonya stutzman filleman

  104. Leanne Bramm says:

    They are beautiful! Birthday invitations in the new year as Iplan to order my Christmas cards this week!

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    Merrily Woven would make a lovely card.

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  129. I would create a photo book

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  132. Raquel Garcia says:

    Great selection of cards! I would spend the GC on Christmas cards with pictures of our family…9 month old daughter and two Boston Terrier doggies!

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  135. I would get a photo book

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  140. i’d use it to buy personalized thank you cards!

  141. Love Tiny Prints! I would spend my GC on the Ornament Christmas cards..I love that idea!

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  143. I am also a follower of your blog!

  144. Undomesticgirl says:
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  146. Theresa Rennie says:

    I would like to do something cool for christmas cards this year! I’m totally checking this out.

  147. Small Town Mommy says:

    I would love to spend it on Christmas Cards :)

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  151. Melanie Duxbury says:

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  156. Christmas cards! Love Tiny Prints!!

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  159. I would buy stationery with the gift code!

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  170. I would use the GC towards my birth announcements… timing would be perfect!

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  174. If I won I would use the money towards birthday party announcements for my daughters 3rd bday in February

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  176. The site was down when I tried to look, but I know they have lots of great photo cards. I’d order some of those!

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  183. I would get holiday cards

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  188. If I won, I’d buy a photo calendar with the cute Play Date design theme.

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  190. I love the Joyful Cutouts card.

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  194. I think I’d get my wife some custom stamps/embossers for her scrapbooking/craft stuff.

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    I like the Sheer Collage design card

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    Holiday cards and labels!

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  210. I’d spend the gc on the Merry Medley holiday cards.

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  214. I would buy more Christmas Cards! I don’t have enough!

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    I would use the GC for my daughter’s 1st birthday party invites! Thanks!! (FYI: I’m a FB fan)

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  223. My fave are the Holiday Rainbow cards, I’d love to send those this year!

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  234. I’d adore these: Adorable One: Strawberry

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  238. I would love to create a custom Canvas of R family!


  239. I would love to create a custom Canvas of R family!


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