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Teach My ~ Baby, Toddler & Preschooler

Teach My is one of those companies that has grown with me on my site, and grown along with my kids too.  I first reviewed the Teach My Toddler set back in 2009 when my kids were 4 and 14 months, and then in 2010 we reviewed Teach My Preschooler when Nevaeh was just barely 3.  The posters from that set decorate the walls of our toy room today, and more than once I’ve walked in to Nevaeh going over the letters on the poster while playing.

We’ve come a long way baby!  Teach My has a new and improved website and they’ve launched a new product line just in time for the holidays.

Sections by Teach My now give customers the ability to create their own learning program for kids by allowing them to pick different parts from all of the Teach My kits.  This is fantastic for a toddler that may have mastered numbers and doesn’t need the basics from the Teach My Toddler set but instead may need the numbers from the Teach My Preschooler set, for example. ($14.99-$19.99)

Teach My is also coming out with Add-Ons which will give customers the ability to remove a section from a Teach My kit and replace it with an Add-On instead.  The first Add-On from Teach My is now available.  The Solar System from Teach My is for ages 18m+ and gives children the foundation for learning about the sun and planets.  I know Elijah would have loved this as a toddler!

Teach My Baby kits can be used starting at about 6 months of age, and the Teach My Preschooler kits take your child right up to Kindergarten readiness.  When looking at great gift ideas for little ones this year, and perhaps wondering what else you can get a child that already has a multitude of toys, Teach My is a gift that will be used far after the batteries run out on the Christmas morning toys.

To keep up to date with everything from Teach My, check out the Teach My Facebook page here!


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  • My 3 year old started j/k this year… already she is learning to read and add- i’m totally impressed! I plan on working more with my younger daughter on stuff like this- these are great, thanks for turning me on to them.

  • THANK YOU! I have been looking for MONTHS for something like this for my son who just turned 2. Reading Christy’s story about how and why she created Teach My was a mirror of my own. Where I am currently living, we haven’t even been able to find flashcards or anything of the sort (wtf?). This is exactly what I was looking for. I just went ahead and ordered the Teach My Toddler kit and can’t wait to start with my son.

    • Great to hear – let me know what you think of it once you’ve put it to use! I really like how organized the kits are in the accordian files, you can also use it to keep their artwork, etc., later as well.

  • I like this idea, my children are too small but I am an educational assistant in an elementary school, and I work especially with children with special needs in Kindergarten and nursery! I think I need to order a few of the products. Cool educational tools!