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McDonald’s All-Access Moms 1st Trip Coming Up!

Today, I am frantically trying to get packed for my 1st Mc Donald’s All-Access Moms trip.  As 1 of 3 Canadian bloggers chosen for this program, we will be taking 4 trips before the end of this year to various locations across Canada (and in this case, the US) to learn about the company. Our […]

Heads Up Canadian Small Business Owners!

Canadians know how hard it is to be recognized on the web.  With millions of companies out there it’s so difficult to get noticed. As a blogger, it happens to me too.  We work hard to stand out and when we come across something that gives us a hand-up, we love to share. I discovered […]

Ford F-150 EcoBoost

Nicely played, Ford.  When I was given the opportunity to review Ford vehicles this summer with my family, I figured it would be a great way to check out some new Ford vehicles and learn first-hand what makes this company so successful and favored over the years.  What I didn’t anticipate was discovering a love […]

Clifford the Big Red Dog: Dog Days of Summer DVD

Every summer day, Clifford™ sets out on fun-filled adventures with his friends and learns big lessons about friendship, loyalty, and other ways to BE BIG! In these five playful stories, Clifford discovers that one of the best ways to BE BIG is to always be truthful. From Emily Elizabeth teaching Clifford that it doesn’t help […]


Before purchasing our HE washer and dryer a little over a year ago, I did some research online and asked my friends who already had HE washers how they liked them.  The one complaint that stood out everywhere I researched was that, after awhile, HE washers can start to smell. The culprits, apparently, are the […]

Summer Fun With LeapFrog

It’s a busy summer with our family of 5 off-school and off-work for the duration.  We’ve been doing some traveling and trying to enjoy some outdoor activities but the mosquitoes have been awful (which is, partly, because we’ve also gotten so much rain).  With more time spent indoors than I’d like, the result can be […]

Wordless Wednesday ~ Summer in Saskatchewan

It takes forever to get here, and doesn’t last nearly long enough, but we love summer in Saskatchewan!