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Free Vinyl Wall Art from Love Letterings

Love Letterings, owned by a stay at home mom, is a pretty little corner of the web featuring vinyl wall art for your home.  Their selection isn’t very large (at present time, only 14 designs are on the site) but the designs they do have are all just $25 each.  Shipping is $11.95.

Right now, until November 1st, you can order a FREE vinyl wall art of your choice from Love Letterings – you just have to pay the standard shipping of $11.95.  Not a bad deal if you are looking for vinyl wall art for your home.  I picked the design from the photo above because I loved the idea shown on the website – I’m going to place it on our photo wall with pictures of the kids surrounding it.  Perfect!

To get your free vinyl wall art from Love Letterings, just use promo code SASFREE at check out!  Canadians and US readers are eligible!


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