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Personalized Note Pads for Moms

I thought I was the only person who got excited walking down the stationery aisle in office supply stores. This was, until I spoke with several of my friends and learned that this is actually a secret little addiction of many of us. We love pretty colored pens, beautiful stationery, and cute cards. Since becoming […]

Personalized DVDs for Kids

Kids are egocentric, they absolutely love themselves, and seeing pictures of themselves. Maybe we should all take a lesson and love ourselves more, huh? Seeing my 2 year old daughter’s face light up and her eyes widen at the realization that she was on an adventure with Dora and Diego was absolutely priceless! We were […]

Bearpaw for Kids!

If you’re looking for a huge selection of popular children’s shoes brands, is worth checking out! I discovered last year and keep coming back to see what’s new or on sale. It also helps that they have excellent customer service.Right now, is having another one of their fabulous sales and all children’s […]

Magic Bullet To Go Giveaway

Anyone that’s familiar with infomercials knows about The Magic Bullet. My husband loves infomercial products, and once or twice he’s ordered something at 2 a.m and only told me about it the next morning. The Magic Bullet has been on his radar for awhile. Oh, my, what am I going to do when he sees […]

Pants on the Ground – Canadian Style

Here’s proof to my American readers that Canadians are just as hip as our southern friends. Ok, scratch that. We’re just hella funny. This happened in the New Brunswick Legislature this week. Legislature can be entertaining to watch though at times it reminds me a bit of a school yard brawl. This takes the cake […]

Fiber Gummies

In 2009 the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) significantly increased the recommended daily fiber intake standards, far above the previous “age plus five” rule. In fact, today’s updated guidelines recommend 25 grams of fiber per day for four-year-old children. But how do we meet these requirements and get our children to eat high in fiber […]

The First Adventures of Incredible You

Just before Christmas I received a fantastic book from Custom Made For Kids that I couldn’t wait to give to my son. He opened it on Christmas Eve and took it to bed with him that night thinking it was just another story book. Shortly after he was tucked in he came tip toeing out […]